About BSAC

I recently picked up my brushes and pencils after nearly two decades.  I had a wake up call that life is short, so I want to make art a priority.

I’m drawn to people (no pun intended!), so I like to do portraits.  There’s something magical about capturing the essence of a person and preserving a snapshot in time.

My primary medium is graphite, but I’ve been doing more work in charcoal. When I paint, I typically use oils and acrylics as they are more forgiving than watercolors.   The internet has been an invaluable tool to explore new techniques and follow other artists. I also dabble in beading–necklaces and earrings mostly. Tattooing is next on my list to tackle, followed by sculpture.

I hope that you enjoy the fruits of my artistic labor. If you’re interested in commissioning work, please contact me at artist@blacksquirrelart.com.

Lisa Matheson

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